AS SUMMER COMES TO AN END THE BEACHES RETURN TO OPEN SPACE – The beaches are wide & empty & the setting sun glistens in the sheen of water on the sand.  Local surfers chat a bit before heading out for a few final waves before the sun sets.  The sky lights up with silver rays that turn golden as the sun drops down to the sea.  The sun setting is wrapped in dove gray clouds as if the earth is gently putting the sun to bed for the night.  


LIKE A POEM – I walk on the beach near the tide pools & stop & stare.  Drink in the beauty of pelicans diving for fish.  A fishing boat is off in the distance.  Bait fish like mackerel & anchovies always mean bigger fish feeding & the birds.  Oh the birds.  Beautiful pelicans dive, twist & fluidly enter the water with a huge splash.  Better than any Olympic sports ever.  The surfers sit nearby on their boards watching for waves.  I wonder if they can see the bait fish around them & if perhaps I should take up surfing today so I can be closer to the pelicans.  Like a poem that fills my soul.  Pelican dreams.


6 - June in Pacific Beach 2016 W

SUDDENLY IT’S SUMMER – Now that it is summer there are children playing on all the beaches.  Mother’s arrive to the beach early with umbrellas & all the baggage that kids seem to require, but the kids really just want to play.  The beach can be a perfect sand box for even small children to dig to their heart’s content.  Watching kids at the beach making mud pies, building sand castles and hunting for seashells, all the while running along the edge of the sea & screaming with laughter just makes me smile.  After the children get completely coated with sandy mud, they just take a dip in the ocean!  Continue reading