STRIPED SHORE CRABS – These tiny crabs are about the size of your thumbnail.  This photo shows a Striped Shore Crab next to a Giant Owl Limpet mollusk, which live on the reef rocks in La Jolla.  Striped Shore Crabs live both on the shore & in the sea.

 “Crabs Galore” – Japanese brush painting


5- May Pacific Beach area 2016 W

Sometimes it’s nice just to spend time at Mission Bay.  During the month of May walking or biking on the pathway around the bay is easy to do because only local residents are here for the most part this time of year.  The San Diego days are sunny and the weather a perfect not-too-hot, not-too-cool.  Sailboats cruise the blue bay taking advantage of sea breezes to fill their sails.  Small one-person sail boats can be rented at Santa Clara point and lots of people take advantage of being able to be a sailor if only for one day.  The houses alongside the bay enjoy views of the sailboats every day and often their landscaping reflects living by-the-sea theme.  One home has a yard landscaped with drought-resistant succulents with their thick water-filled rubbery leaves.  Lots of these succulents are in bloom now with stalks appearing of tiny star-shaped yellow or white flowers.  The entrance to one home has a very heavy wooden door with wrought iron handles and the stairs to the entry way are paved in hand-painted colorful Mexican tiles.  The house next door has sea-blue wooden shutters on the windows and the front yard is filled with sand & feathery “beach” grass.  There are two sun-bleached silvery weathered wood Adirondack chairs that have bright cushions.  An inviting place to sit with a cool drink to enjoy the view of the sailboats on the bay and perhaps a beautiful sunset, too.   Palm trees are planted along the street surrounding the bay.  Other yards are filled with bright red bougainvillea, oleander bushes with pink or white flowers & multi-colored hibiscus flowers.  The hibiscus flowers make me think of a Hawaiian dancer with a bloom tucked behind her ear.  I think that a pink & purple flower would make a wonderful addition today to put on my favorite straw hat.      Continue reading


5 - May 2016 La Jolla W

Birds, birds, birds.  Everywhere I look right now on the coast in La Jolla, there are birds! 

The bluffs are filled with Cormorant nests & some chicks there have arrived! The chicks that are just starting to get big have downy black feathers, which are like black velvet.  When the chicks sit up now to beg for food, they are as tall as their parents.  Some of the Cormorant chicks are starting to get pin feathers & are already flapping their wings as if to say “I’m going to fly, I’m going to fly!”  Some of the late breeding Cormorants are still building their beautiful sea weed nests, but the Cormorant breeding season here is in full swing.  I spot some fledged Cormorants sitting on the bluff now.  They are easy to spot because their shiny black feathers are pristine like a brand new black car, these Cormorants have not experienced much of life yet, but they are launching themselves into the air & below the sea to fish now.  Continue reading