Seagull mom sheltering her chicks from predators and the sun.

Last year I noticed the gull nests all the way from Children’s Pool up to just before the Cove. Many of them are near and around the little green houses. There are 2 on the seawall at Children’s Pool ! It’s amazing to see that the high tide waves haven’t taken the nests out. There is one on the huge tall rock on the east side of Children’s Pool, too. That gull is the only smart one because the public can’t get to her nest! There is another one on the ground next to the fence at Children’s Pool. Poor mom yells at everyone who walks by and the people don’t even look at her. There is also one on the bluff near the top of Shell Beach – that poor mom had people walking up to within one foot of her nest. Yesterday I noticed she only has one chick, while all the other nests have 3 chicks. I think human interference took a toll there. These recent photos are from the nests near the little green houses. I’ve probably counted at least a dozen nests there. I hope you get a chance to go see them. I will be posting photos as they grow and fledge !

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