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Maneki-Neko Cat with Chrysanthemums

Cat Maneki-Neko on Mat Board 2011 WatermarkManeki-Neko Cat with Chrysanthemums on mat board.  Whenever I would try to get my cats to wear a ruffled collar like this, they would just go crazy trying to take it off.  This cat in my imagination is much more placid!

Lucky Cat Collection – Maneki-Neko

I love Maneki Neko Japanese cats, which we know as Lucky Cats.  The Maneki-Neko 招き猫  is a beckoning cat and is a lucky charm or talisman displayed at a doorway to bring good luck to the owner.  The Maneki Neko cat is based on a real Japanese cat – a calico bobtail.  In Japan it is displayed at the entrance of shops and restaurants.    The Mingei Museum had a humongous display of Maneki Neko from one woman’s collection.  She had thousands of Maneki-Neko cats.  I wonder if she had really good luck?!