Sea Lions Swimming Very Close to People

Last night at 7pm I didn’t even see the sunset, which my back was turned to, because the most incredible thing was happening with the sea lions.  There were probably 50 of them or more swimming as a group right up to the people near the beach!  It’s a sizzling hot, humid & sultry night here due to tropical storms in Mexico and the sea lions were in full stay-cool-in-the-water mode, but I have never seen so many of them swimming so close to shore. Sometimes they would jump (like dolphins) as a group and the water would “boil” with little waves.    It was like being part of a nature film.  The water turned pink from the sunset and darkness set in and still I watched not wanting to leave such a beautiful sight.  Life is but a dream.

A few of the giant males even came up and sat on the beach.  What is remarkable to me is that I have learned so much here about the wildlife, it is different every single moment and each time I am aware of how lucky and privileged I am to see nature’s wonderfulness.

(I’m only sorry that these photos aren’t better so you could see the beauty of this.)

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