Nautilus Shell Collage Book

This little seashell book is collage art.  There is something so blissful and serene in spending time with scissors snipping away at paper.  The sound of the snipping, the scraps of paper falling away like a blizzard of paper scraps on the floor, it’s all very satisfying.  & if my life has somehow limited me to work on smaller art pieces, then little works of collage art are the perfect size.  For me, it’s like remembering when I was a child and enjoyed cutting out paper dolls!   

 Some artists are simply driven to create art.  No matter how busy their lives are, no matter what tragedy or health issues arise, artists create.  Henri Matisse is one of those artists.At the age of 41, Matisse  was confined to a wheelchair, yet with the aid of assistants he set about creating large scale paper collages, which he called “painting with scissors”.  He created no matter what.  He simply adjusted his art to the changing passages in his life and continued on.  I always loved these collages and after I found out what he had to overcome to create them, I love them even more.

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