The Story of Thunder Cat a Harbor Seal Rescue & Release

THE STORY OF THUNDER CAT – A HARBOR SEAL RESCUE – One of the hardest things to see is the Harbor seal pups injured by fishing line.  The line wraps around them and then just starts deeply cutting into them.  It is clear that they are suffering and rescues are made difficult by the fact that they will rush into the water when approached.  This little seal pup was a lucky one.  SeaWorld made a successful rescue!  Thunder Cat got her name because she growled constantly, bit one of her SeaWorld rescuers and refused to eat.  Thunder Cat knew where her home was and it wasn’t SeaWorld’s rescue center (even though they saved her life)!  The admirable seal rescue people at SeaWorld cut the fishing line free, but Thunder Cat’s right flipper was paralyzed from nerve damage.  SeaWorld rescue staff thought she might not recover, but lo and behold, Thunder Cat started trying to move her flipper.  This morning at 7:00 a.m. there was little Thunder Cat!  Back with the seal colony, sleeping on the beach and flexing her little flipper over and over and over.  As Thunder Cat decided to go for a swim to eat little bait fish, my heart filled with joy.  Go Thunder Cat Go!  & a HUGE thank you to SeaWorld for all the seal and sea lion rescue work they do!

NOTE:  The photo on the lower right shows the fishing line injury before Thunder Cat was rescued.  Thunder Cat will always carry a horrible scar of the fishing line, which almost ended her life.

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