Sumi Cat

Nature & Botanical Sketches 8-1-2010 to Current - 73 - 1 WATERMARK


SUMI CAT is a feral cat.  He comes to my door each morning and meows for food.  (He learned to meow from a neighbor’s cat, before that he was silent.)  Recently I put my hand out and he touched my hand with his nose.  I don’t know who was more surprised at the contact, him or me.  Now that he can meow, he thinks that if he shows up at dinner time and meows at me that he will get a second can of food.  He is wrong, I’m not that easily taken in.  Well, maybe I am.  Sumi Cat has been eating cat chow and one can of food a day for 2 1/2 years and I can’t even pet him.   I make him “cat soup”, canned cat food mixed with water.  When it’s cold, I add warm water.  In the hot weather I give him refrigerator-cold water.  At least I’ve stopped putting out cat chow for the raccoon to eat!  Sumi Cat may not allow me to pet him, but still he melts my heart.  

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