CALIFORNIA BROWN PELICAN DIVING FOR FISH – Pelicans are like a mythical creature from a fairy tale.  Magical beings that fly, swim and fish for their dinner by diving into the sea.   Their enormous wing spans, colorful faces and flexible, translucent pouches are wonderous.  Pelicans are marvels of nature and the world.  Sunset, a pelican appears to fish close to the shore at the La Jolla Cove.  It brings such joy to watch the pelican spot a fish, dive in the blink of an eye and pop back up to the surface of the sea time and time again.  & when I get home and edit my photos, it is yet another pleasure to see that my inexpensive camera managed to get some shots that happened too fast for my eye to see.  A fairy tale moment captured on film.  It is real.  Beauty is truth and truth is beauty.  & here’s the proof.

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