HARBOR SEAL MOTHER & PUP – La Jolla, California

HARBOR SEALS – MOTHER & PUP and TWO PUPS SWIMMING TOGETHER – La Jolla, California – Pupping Season 2012  – The affection that Harbor Seal Mothers show their babies and the playfulness of the pups together is a joy to observe.  Being able to see them swimming in the crystal clear waters of La Jolla, California has created a desire in me to be able to see more of underwater life.  Since I am not a scuba diver, I did the next best thing – I went to the San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition.  What a remarkable collection of 5-minute videos of ocean life from  around the world!  One after another left me gasping at the beauty underneath our seas.  The videos showed marine life I couldn’t have even imagined in my dreams!  Sail fish darting for their dinner, enormous Manta Rays “flying” under the sea, coral fan gardens growing on submerged boats, sharks with their cleaner fish, Xibalba undersea lotus gardens in caves with Maya legends,  and an octopus giving birth in a pickle jar.  Birds do this flying formation called “murmuration”, which causes the flock to fly in the most flowing patterns and it was so astonishing to see that schools of fish do something similar.  The school stays together and when big fish swim through them, the school shifts and changes and looks very much like bird murmurations or like flowers blooming and moving.  Beauty abounds under the seas.  & the video that touched my heart the most:  Humpback whales with their babies!  If you want your life changed forever seeing such unspeakable beauty, you can view this incredible video “In Harmony with Whales” by Erick Higuera at:  http://vimeo.com/68465648   Take 5 minutes and view of the beauty of life!

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