SEA LION MOOCHING BAIT FISH FROM LOBSTER FISHERMEN  – 7:00 a.m. – Sea lions are so smart and mischievous, too.  This morning I observed a male sea lion following the lobster fishing boat as it went from lobster trap to lobster trap.  The fishermen would pull up the trap, take out the lobsters and then toss the used bait fish into the water.  The sea lion would jump up and get a free breakfast without having to do any work.  & then amazingly enough I watched the impatient and over-confident sea lion stretch his head out of the water right at the side of their boat as they emptied the trap.  One of the photos in this group is not of the sea lion who was in the water, but is of another sea lion sitting on a rock barking.  I wanted to show just how funny and cute these sea lions are !  

NOTE:  Sometimes the sea lions and seals have fishing lines wrapped around their necks, stomachs or flippers and this causes a very serious injury to them, if not death.  As cute as it was to watch this sea lion mooching his breakfast, it was a very dangerous thing for him to do.  & also, unfortunately, not all fishermen are as accommodating to the seals and sea lions as these men were.

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