LOBSTER RESCUE – Last December 2, 2012 lobster traps migrated into the La Jolla Underwater Park due to large waves.  Fishing is illegal in the La Jolla Underwater Park and the lobster fishermen are not allowed to remove the traps from this area.  The lobster traps are dangerous to swimmers and divers so the San Diego Lifeguards went out and collected all the traps.  Once the traps were brought onshore, the lobsters were removed and put into a bucket.  There were 61 lobsters that received a second chance to live!  

One of the men showed me the grinding surfaces that look like the lobsters have molar teeth!  This is called the “gastric mill” and is how lobsters consume their food.  Tiny sensory hairs on lobster’s legs “taste” food and four antennae “smell” food.  Lobsters have a sophisticated nervous system that allow them to sense actions that will cause them harm and to feel pain.  I’m so grateful that 61 lobsters were returned to the ocean.  I hope they managed to stay away from the traps.

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