Shedding Something Teapot 10-2013 WATERMARKRecently I have been purging “things” in my home that I no longer need.  One of these things was a vintage sewing machine & table, which I donated to a thrift store.  I have reached a place in my life where I will no longer be sewing quilts & clothing and I thought that my much-loved sewing machine deserved a new home to be used by someone who would enjoy it and use it as much as I did.  Letting go of things is a process. One of the thoughts that occurred to me is some of my possessions somehow reflect a life that I no longer have.  One example of this that I have is all the beautiful antique china for dinner parties that I simply don’t give anymore, yet I still have all these lovely platters, vegetable dishes, creamer & sugar pitchers, etc.  I do use this special china as my “everyday” china because I am special and deserve it, but I know that this is too much “stuff” to really hang onto.    So how do I let some of this go?

& as long as I’m thinking of shedding things I don’t need here, it may be that this also applies to other things in my life that I no longer have need for.  One of the consequences of striving to be an ever-changing, & hopefully, better human being is that sometimes I have actually moved on, without consciously knowing it, and outgrown organizations and people that have simply become a habit, but no longer reflect where I am in my life.  This shedding and letting go is a painful process, but I’m hoping that in the long run I will be a “lighter” person, in every sense of that phrase, and that I am allowing new things to come into my life that will make my life even richer and more joyous.  

I have reached a turning point in my life (called aging!) where I want the possessions I have to reflect and be in harmony with the life I am living, which is a pretty darn good life!  & the bonus of letting “things” go might be that if I empty kitchen cabinets of dishes and keep purging more & more, I will have more room for my art supplies!

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