Daily Archives: November 23, 2013


RAIN YESTERDAY, SKY FILLED WITH CLOUDS IN THE AFTERNOON – Long walk at the Cove.  Sea birds flying home for the evening.  Sky filled with soaring pelicans hovering inches above the ocean.  Cormorants settling on the bluffs for the night.  Barking sea lions piling up one upon the other to stave off the San Diego chill of 54 degrees.  Harbor seals sleeping side by side on beds of sea weed on the beach.  Groups of people following a ritual of gathering by the sea to observe the setting sun.  Nature.  Primitive instincts.  The sun goes down in a glorious veil of bright pink color-lit clouds.  A color that only exists in nature that no artist can ever duplicate.  Suddenly the tide pools off in the distance become sunset lit pink jewels!  We all linger on & on to catch the final seconds of pink light before darkness.  Bliss.