Raccoon sketches of visits at night 11-25-2013 WATERMARKRaccoon sketch 11-25-2013 WATERMARK


RACCOON VISITORS – On my patio I keep ceramic bowls of water for the feral cat, birds and other wild life.   I consider the opossums who visit as my “gardeners” who eat all the snails and slugs.  The raccoons who visit my patio at night just hope that I will be too busy to remember to bring in the cat chow bowl at sunset.  Raccoons love cat chow a lot. In the summertime, sometimes a raccoon will just sit on his haunches in front of my security screen door and give me a look that says “I know you have more cat chow in there & I’m waiting.”  Once time he stood up and tried to reach the doorknob to open the door. Most exciting of all a raccoon arrived at 2 a.m. with two fuzzy babies who rolled around with each other playing as if they were puppies.  The other night a raccoon arrived with one baby and I’ve seen this baby several times recently.  The baby is growing so fast.  I sometimes will give in and put out a bit of cat chow and watch the mother and baby  eat it piece by piece and then wash their hands.  The baby even growled a bit at mom to move over and share.  After they finished eating, the baby raccoon enjoyed sloshing around in the water bowl as if it was a pond, while mom waited impatiently to move on.  She is really on high alert to protect her baby, but the baby just wants to dawdle and play.  Several times the baby raccoon has tried to climb up onto the patio chair, but isn’t big enough yet.  So mischievous!  & then mom and baby scurry off into the night.  I did these ink and watercolor sketches from the memory of observing them.  I know the raccoons are wild and dangerous, but I love them so much.

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