GREETING CARDS – By-the-Sea Winter Wonderland

BY-THE-SEA WINTER WONDERLAND COLLAGE HOLIDAY CARDS – This year and last year I have not put up a tree and decorations as my art studio has taken over my small apartment by-the-sea!  I sort of have to wonder if my marathon of making these paper decorated Christmas trees is to somehow compensate for not putting out my own decorations!  The concept was based on a step card with “normal” winter snow-covered trees in traditional Christmas red&green colors.  Living here in San Diego surrounded by blue skies, sun and the turquoise sea, I couldn’t imagine doing a snow scene, but I could imagine doing a San Diego by-the-sea winter wonderland with pastel colored trees, gold doves and origami star ornaments!  These cards take a lot of time & are made with lots of care & love.  I thought I was finished making cards this year, but as usual I have another forest of trees, which I glittered this morning for more friends!  & some of the trees are now palm trees! Too bad I didn’t have that inspiration on the first round of card making.  Hope that these are going to good homes and don’t end up in the recycle bin too soon!    

HELPFUL HINT:  My technique of making cards is to do it on a production line.  First I cut out a forest of trees, lay them all out and cover them with glitter.  Punch out a flock birds and sky full of stars and then decorate the trees!  Then I cut out the card stock for the traditional folded card and the step folded card and score the folds.  Next, I glue any background paper on the cards and start applying the forest of trees to the cards. Using calligraphy, I write a greeting to the recipient on the inside of the card.  & the finishing touch is to rubber stamp my moniker of Violet Moon Designs and sign the back of the card!

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