Hopi Kachina Dolls 11-27-2013 WATERMARK


Nuvak’china – Snow Kachina

The Snow Kachina appears in many Hopi dances such as the Powamu, Kiva Dances, Water Serpent Ceremony & Mixed Kachina Dances.  He is very important on First Mesa.  Presumably he lives on top of the San Francisco Peaks and helps to bring the cold and the snows of winter to the Hopi.  He has a close tie with the water in the springs of the various villages as the snow is the main replenisher of the springs.  His image is often used by many non-indian businesses as an advertising device.

Talavai Kachina – Morning Singer Kachina

The Talvai Kachina is also called the Silent Kachina, although it sings.  It comes in pairs during the Bean Dance and stands to one side of the procession holding its small spruce tree and bell.  It wears the red and white maiden’s robe, which is characteristic garb for many kachinas that appear in the early morning.

Ka-e Kachina – Corn Dancer

This kachina is one of the many Corn Dancers and is one of the most popular both for dance and song as well as function.  He is a prayer for the fruition of corn and he can appear in almost every dance.  The symbolism on the face is widely variable as are the colors used.  His costume is more like that of the eastern pueblos.  Virtually all Corn Kachinas can be distinguished by the horizontally crossed feathers on their crowns.  There are numerous others that are corn dancers; Keme, from Laguna, and Yehoho, who wears a belt of roasted corn, as well as most of the Rugan Kachinas.

This watercolor painting was done for a very dear friend for her birthday.  She lives in Colorado and loves Kachina Dolls.  A colorful & happy painting for her to enjoy!


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