TIGERS ON THE MARCH !  I delight in small trinkets & treasures and saw this vintage tiger collection from Japan recently.  Some of the tigers had bobbing heads, some tigers had a person riding on them and some of them were so tiny that the shop proprietor brought out a magnifying glass so I could see them.  I was allowed to take photographs of these tiny tiger gems, which I knew would inspire my art somehow.  The more I looked at the one tiger with a figure riding on it, the more I could see a “story” forming in my mind so that is what I painted.  The story in the painting can be what ever you want it to be.  I kind of feel like it is a holy figure leading the tigers of the world to safety so they won’t be endangered anymore, but your story of this small 5″ x 7″ painting can be whatever you want!

The shop I went to is the David Allen Collection.  The owner travels the world to collect his imports and writes interesting stories about his travels.  Shops like this are so rare now, it is a treasure in itself.  & if you go, don’t forget to go down into the basement labyrinth!  www.thedavidalancollection.com


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