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2014 – YEAR OF THE HORSE – This year is considered one of the best years for the Chinese as they particularly like the horse. According to the Chinese, the year of the horse is one of their favorite years because the horse symbolizes travelling and would mean that everyone who wishes to achieve success would reach this right away.  The horse is considered the strongest fire animal among the 12 Chinese zodiac signs and should these meet a dog or a tiger element it would create too much heat or temper. The year is said to be a good one, a lot of success for those who are willing to become free and independent but want to be in control of what they want.  It is also a year where those who know how to build and stay humble and kind would be able to make a lot of new and healthy relationships with everybody.   Horse bells are said to bring good luck.  HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR !


2014 ART JOURNAL PAGE TUTORIAL – MOSAIC TILE FORMAT  This is what it takes to create one page in my 2014 Art Journal:  First I make a list of the things I want to illustrate for either a day or a week.  Sometimes I want to illustrate one entire page on just one subject or event, such as this example, which was watching the huge waves at high tide over a series of days in 2 La Jolla locations.  After deciding which mini watercolor illustrations I want to do, I get out my stencil templates and put shapes on the page.  The shapes I use are based on the illustration ideas on the list.

Step One - Journal Page 1-26-2014 WATERMARKThe shapes give me the basic format for my art journal page.  I then add in very light pencil, the subjects I will paint in each mosaic tile space.  I also may add a few calligraphy titles to the page at this point.

Step Two - Journal Page 1-26-2014 WATERMARKUsing a Micron pen, I then sketch in the subjects I will paint.  Once in a while I just paint without the ink lines, but for the most part this is my favorite way to do this at this time.  

Step Three - Journal Page 1-26-2014 WATERMARKNow that I have the page laid out, the fun part comes and I add watercolors!

Step Four - Journal Page 1-26-2014 WATERMARK& here is the finished 2014 Art Journal page for January 21, 2014.  I have put a 12 inch ruler underneath this page to give you an idea of how small these mosaic tile watercolors are.  When I post a little mosaic tile watercolor along with my photos of the subject, they are mostly 3 inches by 3 inches or smaller!  Each art journal page progresses in steps and each page takes me about 3 hours to complete. It is a work of love & joy for me to illustrate my life as an artist by-the-sea.