THE COVE AT SUNSET IS SO MAGICAL.  Flocks of Cormorants and Pelicans return home to roost along the bluffs where no humans can walk or climb.  They settle in, fluffing their feathers, murmuring softly & heads tuck into wings for the night.  & below, near the Cave, the sea lions are still barking away.  Sea lions bark all night, their voices like a symphony of nature.  Some of the mother sea lions cuddle with their babies far below on a cobblestone shore, lulled to sleep by the lullaby of the waves turning the stones in a soft rhythm of sound.  The moon rises over the Torrey Pine trees and Cormorant silhouette shadows appear against the night sky.  I say goodnight to all my bird brothers & sea lion cousins & walk by the Gold Fish Cafe lit up in amber light for the evening coffee drinkers.  I am tempted to stop just to embrace the golden light and savor the moment, but I am hungry and continue on my way home to dinner.  The lights from La Jolla Shores twinkle in the distance.  I will sleep well tonight.  I carry this beauty in my heart.  

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