SPECIAL DELIVERY GREETING CARDS – I actually dreamed I was making these cards in my sleep and when I awoke, jotted down the idea.  (Apparently, I even create art while I sleep!)   The stamps are vintage Italian, which I bought in a thrift shop. I paid very little for them because they were hidden inside a pile of paper that I bought for $2, so I didn’t pay what these are probably worth.  I used postage washi tape and postage rubber stamps to give the “package” a real look and even tied (only) the front page of the card with Baker’s Twine.  On the inside of the card, I made mini envelopes out of maps.  & of course, if you have an envelope, you must have a mini card to tuck inside!  On the outside labels, I am writing the name of the person who is getting this card in calligraphy.

TIP:  I use a rubber stamp on the back of the card, which goes along with the card theme and then write my “business” name in calligraphy with the year the card was made and I sign it.  Like me, even if you don’t have a greeting card business, you can have a very creative “business” name or a moniker you use on the back of your card to show the receiver that it’s an original card made by you!  After all you are an artist and deserve credit for your work.  

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