Watching the ebb & flow of the tides is amazing, but especially when the waves are huge.  It’s like a magnetic pull to go to the ocean & watch the sets of waves come in & break & break in an explosion of energy & power.  Water is alive, breathes and moves like an animal.  Has moods & emotions.  Sometimes the ocean is calm with reflections of the sky and waves like glass.  & sometimes the ocean is like a beast licking at the earth wanting to consume it all so that the planet Earth is only sea & sky.  A primal force awakens in us.  Watching.  Watching.  Finding both comfort & fear in knowing that we do not, cannot control the oceans.  Only the seals and the fish do not fear the sea.  It makes me want to walk the beach to see what the huge tides have dropped at the edge of the shore.  To find a talisman to take home with me to clutch and to savor the joy of the ocean.

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