2014 ART JOURNAL PAGE TUTORIAL – MOSAIC TILE FORMAT  This is what it takes to create one page in my 2014 Art Journal:  First I make a list of the things I want to illustrate for either a day or a week.  Sometimes I want to illustrate one entire page on just one subject or event, such as this example, which was watching the huge waves at high tide over a series of days in 2 La Jolla locations.  After deciding which mini watercolor illustrations I want to do, I get out my stencil templates and put shapes on the page.  The shapes I use are based on the illustration ideas on the list.

Step One - Journal Page 1-26-2014 WATERMARKThe shapes give me the basic format for my art journal page.  I then add in very light pencil, the subjects I will paint in each mosaic tile space.  I also may add a few calligraphy titles to the page at this point.

Step Two - Journal Page 1-26-2014 WATERMARKUsing a Micron pen, I then sketch in the subjects I will paint.  Once in a while I just paint without the ink lines, but for the most part this is my favorite way to do this at this time.  

Step Three - Journal Page 1-26-2014 WATERMARKNow that I have the page laid out, the fun part comes and I add watercolors!

Step Four - Journal Page 1-26-2014 WATERMARK& here is the finished 2014 Art Journal page for January 21, 2014.  I have put a 12 inch ruler underneath this page to give you an idea of how small these mosaic tile watercolors are.  When I post a little mosaic tile watercolor along with my photos of the subject, they are mostly 3 inches by 3 inches or smaller!  Each art journal page progresses in steps and each page takes me about 3 hours to complete. It is a work of love & joy for me to illustrate my life as an artist by-the-sea.





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