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Harbor Seal Pup – 2 Days Old

Water Sprite Gidget Two Days Old 2-6-2014 WATERMARKThis is Gidget, a 2-day old harbor seal pup born in La Jolla.  She already swims like a little mermaid.  If you look closely, you can see her umbilical cord and that’s one of the tells of her newborn status.  Her mom will nurse her for 4 to 6 weeks and then little Gidget will have to survive in the sea on her own.  During the time she nurses, she will gain an enormous amount of weight, which is nature’s way of protecting her when she has to feed herself.  After she is weaned, if she loses a lot of weight, it shows that she is struggling to feed herself.  If she doesn’t lose all of her weight, it shows that she’s doing a great job fishing.  Harbor seals feed on squid, octopus and fish.  Harbor seals can hold their breath for 30 minutes and can even sleep in the sea during that time.  I adore these marine mammals by-the-sea!



Little water sprites

So new to this earth

Dancing in the sea

To the joy of life

Are you mermaids in disguise?

Floating, effortless, sea bubbles & froth

My joy knows no bounds.