Daily Archives: February 9, 2014

FARMER’S MARKET on a Sunday Morning

Biking to the Farmer's MarketSome people drive to the Farmer’s Market, locals walk there and this woman rode her bike.

Fresh bread is such a treat to take home.  I usually buy a mini baguette for 99 cents and when I go home, toast the bread, make poached eggs and have whatever fresh fruit is in season.  Sunday morning brunch!

Farmer's Market 1-26-2014 - 5This time of year there is a delicious assortment of citrus fruit.  These are some samples for people to try before they buy.  The red grapefruit with a bit of salt sprinkled on it is wonderful.


There are food stands, which serve crepes, sandwiches, pulled pork, etc.  This Vegan food stand recently opened up at the market.  Who knew that Vegan food could look like flower bouquets!

Organic smoothie& what would a California Farmer’s Market be without an organic green smoothie booth?

Dates grown out in the San Diego desert are also at the Farmer’s Market.  Samples are given and the creamy caramel-like lusciousness is a healthy dessert!

The colors of the Farmer’s Market always inspire me to go home and eat healthy, to surround myself with beauty and to paint!