Daily Archives: February 13, 2014


VALENTINE HEART PINS – The heart motif is universal.  I always think of the Beatles song “All You Need is Love”.  The tune is running through my head right now with the echoing chorus.  I used to sing this song a lot.  I collected fabric swatches from a fancy fabric store that sold fabrics to decorators.  Little pieces of swatches would be attached by a safety pin and I would “pick” through the to find the swatch with the bit of design that I really liked.  One year I started making these fabric heart pins.  I kind of got carried away with embellishing them with tiny seed beads and ribbon roses.  That year most of my friends received one as a gift because why should Valentines Day just be for lovers?  These are the heart pins I have kept for myself.  Happy Valentines Day to me  & to you, too!