Gather up a pile of special papers in colors that please me.  Rip out pages from 25 cent travel magazines purchased from the La Lolla Library used book store.  Find my heart-shaped paper punch.  & punch, punch, punch out a pile of small paper Valentine hearts.  As I position the heart punch over the paper and move it around to get the optimal image in the tiny heart, my brain finally shuts up and stops nagging me about all the things I “should” be doing and all the worries of living this life.  I am free to just play.  I am peaceful, calm and in the moment.  Punch, punch, punch.  I am having fun & what is more important than that in these days of hurricane media and a fast-paced world?  Soon, I am humming along and tunelessly singing “All you need is Love”.  Punch, punch, punch away!  The pile of paper hearts grow & grow just like the blissful state I am in. 

Next, I get out my paper cutter and cut out loads of 1 ½” wide paper strips in complementary colors to all the paper hearts.  I’m finally going to use some of that special handmade paper from India!  Cardstock is chosen in colors that will complement the paper hearts and paper strips.  Cards are folded and I am ready to create.  The pile of paper hearts is spread out in a tray.  The paper strips are stacked in a pile.  First, I get a white piece of poster board on my table to use as a “tray” for all paper hearts, which are now lined up in several rows that will fit on a card front.  Essentially, I’m making a grid of hearts for each card front. 

Collage Heart Cards 2-2014 - 1

It’s fun to put the hearts together in harmonious colors and patterns.  I’m glad I decided to use colors not so Valentine-y & enjoy seeing the black, beiges & grays evolving into a pleasing grid.  Then it’s just glue, glue, glue & voila’ I have a stack of un-Valentine cards that can be used for any occasion and a few to use for Valentine’s Day. 

Collage Heart Cards 2-2014 - 4

            I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day filled with doing the things that make your             heart sing!

Collage Heart Cards 2-2014 - 2

By the Sea Valentine Card 2-2014

                                                   VALENTINE’S DAY BY-THE-SEA 

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