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Mini Map Envelope Instructions 2-22-2014 PROTECTEDMINI ENVELOPES – Lately I have been having fun making miniature envelopes out of maps.  I buy the maps at the library used bookstore for 25 cents each.  After I make envelopes out of say a map of France, I put them in an white envelope marked France so that if I have a project or travel theme card, I can easily find them by theme.  The tiny square envelope is perfect for those map bits left that are too small for the larger mini envelope pattern.  I use a black magic marker to trace the patterns so I can clearly see cutting lines.  My patterns are always made of the back of cereal boxes because the cardboard is the perfect thickness, easy to cut and free with the cereal purchase!  When you lay the envelope template on your map, don’t forget that the top flap of the envelope is what will mostly show the design you are choosing and be sure to position the template so the words or design are not upside down when you fold the envelope.  Using the Folding Templates means you just place it on top of your cut-out map envelope and fold without measuring or figuring out where the fold lines are.  Easy Peasy!  You can also use:   Sunday comics, magazine pages, gift wrap, handmade papers, even old book pages or calendar pages!  These envelopes are the right size for a gift card, too.  They also could be used in a collage as an extra design element.   The possibilities are endless.