HIGH TIDE WITH HUGE WAVES & THE SEA LIONS HAVE HAD ENOUGH – Sea lion heads, tails & flippers pop up in the ocean surge next to the rock as they wait for a break in the waves to make a dash to climb up onto the rock.

Sea Lions in the Surf 2-19-2014 - 1 WATERMARK

The sea lions must move quickly to climb up high on the rock before the next wave breaks & washes them off.  There’s a large sea lion crowd queuing up impatiently now.

Climbing up between big waves 2-19-2014 WATERMARK

Suddenly out of the foam a giant sea lion male appears and with only the strength that a 500-pound marine mammal can have, he pulls himself up onto the rock & then strikes an “I’m King of the Hill” pose.  A bunch of female sea lions quickly come up behind him, but suddenly a huge wave breaks over all of them, washing away the small sea lions, but the giant male remains proving his strength & worthiness of having a sea lion harem. 

Once up onto the rock, the sea lions climb over other sea lions and find space to lay themselves on top of others to warm up & rest from the sea.  It’s a sea lion sandwich of bodies with whiskered faces peeking out.  If there isn’t enough room to lie down, a few sea lions simply remain sitting up & stretch their neck up with their face to the sun.  Warm up sea lions & enjoy the rest.  Low tide is already on its way. 

Another day by-the-sea & another life lesson from observations of the sea lions.  The sea lions swim fearlessly when the tide is high with huge waves & find a spot to rest when they are tired.  When the sea is calm, the sea lions swim out for a fish dinner, perhaps mate, take care of their young & have fun.  The perfect harmony of Nature.   Balance.

March 2014 Art Journal - Page 34 WATERMARK

The lesson today seems to be that we should go with the flow, not be fearful of the changes in our lives & to gracefully embrace the cycles of change.     To have faith that we are always safe and that the rhythm of our individual lives is always perfect in every way.  Rest when we must & play when we can.    Live a life of balance.

Observing wildlife is a gift, a treasure that we must protect at all cost.  I walk home with my face to the sun.  We are all blessed by spending time with nature.

Sea lion smirking face 2-19-2014 WATERMARK

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