Shamrock Boutonnieres

Fabric Art - Shamrock Pin 2011

I made these Shamrock Clover Pins quite a long time ago after seeing the instructions for them in Martha Stewart Living magazine.  The instructions were to: coat fabric with liquid starch, let it dry, iron the fabric flat, cut out the shamrocks and then to add stems with floral wire.  It sounded harder than it was and even years later, the fabric clover leafs are still crisp and hold their shape.  I liked that I could use and assortment of tiny green fabric prints.  I’m still pleased with the simplicity of this little bunch of Shamrocks to pin to a garment!

Here’s the link to Martha’s instructions:

Vintage-Flower-Image-GraphicsFairy-698x1024& in case you wish to make St. Patrick’s Day cards, this vintage shamrock image is from a website with free vintage clip art.  They have clip art for all sorts of holidays & subjects!  Take a look!

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