A Floating World Pup 3-14-2014 - 5 WATERMARK

“We live only for the moment…

A Floating Life Harbor Seal Pup 3-14-2014 WATERMARK

…diverting ourselves just in floating, floating

Mom & Pup Swimming with Garibaldi Fish 3-8-2014 - 1 WATERMARK

A Floating Life 3-8-2014 - 1 WATERMARK

…like a gourd floating along with the river;

Seal Pup Mermaid 3-8-2014 WATERMARK

Mom & Pup Swimming Back View 3-8-2014 WATERMARK

“this is the floating world.”

Recently I was studying Japanese woodblocks and remembered this poem about the Floating World.  Watching the seal pups floating along with such peace & joy made me realize that seals live in the moment all of the time.  The harbor seals brings me great & glorious joy as I live in the moment with them.  Be here now.

“We live only for the moment,

turning our thoughts to the moon, the snow,

the cherry blossoms & the maple leaves;

singing, drinking & diverting ourselves just in

floating, floating,

unmoved by the prospect of imminent poverty,

resisting sinking spirites,

we are buoyant,

like a gourd floating along with the river;

this is the floating world.”


Asai Ryoi

1610 – 1681

Tales of the Floating World

(a description of the Ukiyo)

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