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A Moment of Beauty By-the-Sea


Big surf Casa Beach 4-26-2014 WATERMARK

Keeping my senses aware, seeing the “shot”, grabbing the moment on film.  Being present means that I see all of the beauty around me.  A moment like this.

Art Journal 2014 – Nurturing My Creativity watercolor sketches

April 2014 Art Journal - Page 53 WATERMARK

This is a page from my current 2014 Art Journal.  The small paintings on this page are about the day I spent going to some of my favorite shops, which is documented with photographs & writing in my “Nurturing My Creativity” post.  After I finished this art journal page, it struck me how many candles there were & that a number of the images are spiritual.  This makes me realize that spirituality is one of the things that nurtures my art.  I encourage you to journal & to sketch all the time.  For me, it makes me more aware of my blessings, shores up my core values and allows me to now recognize spirituality is a big part of my art.