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These are my version of a “pocket” card from a new and wonderful publication “Daphne’s Diary”.  


I took the sample “pocket” card from the magazine, made my own pattern and then created an additional pattern for a small card enclosure for the inside of the “pocket” card as well.  These cards can be made from one sheet of 12″ x 12″ double-sided scrapbook paper, 4 buttons and some twine to hold them closed.  It’s fun to make these cards in all kinds of patterns and designs depending on the scrapbook paper pattern you choose. Keep in mind that using an all-over design pattern paper works best.  If you use holiday theme scrapbook paper, you can create pocket cards for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.  A good use for these could be to tuck a gift-card or money-gift inside because it doesn’t look like a gift-card envelope.  Going through your button box to find special buttons for the pocket card is nice, but you can use plain white buttons, too.  Use a larger button for the bottom flap and 3 small buttons for the top flap.  The buttons can be glued to the card or sewn on with embroidery floss.  I also made a folding-guideline pattern so you don’t have to figure out how to fold this card, which has angled folds.  Keep in mind that if your scrapbook paper has a fancy design in the corner, that you want to save that part of the page for your enclosure card.  (If you put the fancy design on the top flap of the “pocket” card, the design is hidden by the buttons.)  When I look at this card, if you add a ribbon handle, you can have a pocketbook!  My instructions show 2 different versions of the card enclosure.  One is made from the scrapbook paper and the other one is made from plain paper with a piece of the scrapbook paper on it as a decoration.  Here’s my instructions:

Pocket Card Instructions 2-22-2014 WATERMARK