Basket with paper clips 3 WATERMARK

Thrift shops, estate sales & garage sales are just like art stores for artists.  One estate sale had a torn & worn pillow made of 1950s vintage fabric yo-yos for just $2.  A thrift shop had a clump of old crocheted flower doilies for $1.  I buy these treasures and take them home never knowing what I may be inspired to do with these acquisitions.  All I know is they hold some sort of possibility for an art project, which I just can’t pass up. 

What to do with a box of yo-yo fabric circles & flower doilies?  I think that sometimes re-purposing something is better than the item being discarded.  First, I (gasp) cut them all apart & I put them in a fancy Chinese silk box while I wait for these to speak to me & inspire me.

Chinese box with yo-yos WATERMARK

Suddenly I know what I will do.  I will make myself some fancy paper clips, which I will use in my art journals as a bookmark to tell me what page I’m up to in photographing my art journal.  I painstakingly hand-stitch each yo-yo and doily flower to pastel metallic-colored paper clips.  I also stitch tiny seed beads to some of the yo-yo’s.  I want to give some of these as a gift to an artist friend so I decide to “plant” my paper clip flowers in a basket. 

Basket with Leaves 3 WATERMARK

I paint watercolor baskets, cut slits in the paper & insert the paper clips.

Basket with paper clips 4 WATERMARK

& Voila a basket of flowers!  Almost too pretty to take apart & use them, but thankfully I made enough that I can give some baskets away & still have lots for myself.

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