Today was one of the most amazing days EVER.  Right behind the seawall at Casa Beach in La Jolla a mother California Gray Whale & her baby were swimming together. None of us could believe how close they were to shore.  It was like being in a whale watching boat without the boat!  

The baby whale was so wonderful and poked his head out of the water to look at us over & over & over.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I could even see his eye and his blowholes open & close.  Wondrous.

What a little beauty !  & I heard from several locals that the two of them have been around for the last four days.  If you get a chance, run down to the La Jolla Cove park and keep your eye out for them!  

Here’s a photo of the whale blow, which in California Gray Whales is shaped like a heart because they have two blowholes.  & also here’s a whale “footprint” of where they’ve been.  Magic, just magical.  

Standing on the seawall watching the whales was like having front row seats to the best show in the world.  Right on the other side of this seawall is an underwater “Grand Canyon” so the water is very deep there and the whales can come extremely close to shore.  I have been lucky enough to have seen a few migrating adult whales here, but never a mother and calf.  A miracle of luck that I was there to see this today!  All the people sharing these moments together was really special.  All of us were laughing and smiling & there was such a spirit of goodwill and community. Wonderful to be with people who love nature as much as I do.  Visitors to San Diego were amazed that they got to see whales and seals & I heard them marveling at how incredible San Diego is.  Yes it is.

Gray whale, kayakers, divers LJ 5-4-2014 WATERMARK

The whales were inside (east) of the California kelp beds.  Can you imagine what it must have been like to be the diver or on the kayak or paddleboard out there & to be so close to them?  If only.  

Seals watching the whales 5-4-2014 - 1 WATERMARK

I laughed when I saw the Harbor Seals watching the whales, too !  Were they saying to each other “Hey what are those whales doing here”?

I was there for hours and took photos until my eyes blurred, my arms ached and my knees felt stiff & tired.  So then I went & sat on a bench & still watched and watched. These are the moments that make my life shine with happiness.  It is why I call La Jolla Cove area my “Happy Place”.  & I’m so happy that I can share this experience with you!  It was a simply gorgeous and marvelous day.  Dreams aren’t this good.  Another lucky day living my life as an artist by-the-sea.

Beautiful azure sea and seals 5-4-2014 WATERMARK

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