Purse Cards with Origami Flowers 5-2014 WATERMARK

My Paper Art Club taught these cute purse-shaped cards recently.  Taking them and decorating them in my own creative way is always fun.  I made small origami flowers out of an old brush painting & then chose the paper color of the purses.  I also punched out 2 small flowers and stacked them on top of each other, bending the petals up of the top flower, to give them dimension.  Additionally using gold paper, I punched out scalloped edge circles.  Some of these circles I cut into 1/4 to use them in different ways in the design.  To give the design element a “base”, I cut strips of coordinating colors of paper and glued them onto the purse with a strip of ribbon, too.   I liked the purse decoration even more than the purse card & am thinking that this would be a great decoration for an art journal cover or a shadow box.  & here’s yet another use for my practice Japanese brush paintings — Origami Flowers!

Here’s the instructions for the Origami Flower I used on the project above & one more Origami Dahlia Flower that you can use on another project.

Origami Flowers Instructions 5-2014 WATERMARK

Origami Dahlia Flower Instruc. Art Journal 4-27-2014 WATERMARK

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