Beautiful low tide waves 5-4-2014

Our lives change like the ever-changing tides, but we strive to become complacent & unaware clinging to the interim tides as if they are the way to happiness.  We forget to embrace the low tides of our lives, which reveal our true selves completely exposed in all our beauty.  Instead of riding the high tides in our lives, which wear away what we must release, we try to hang onto the transition tide.  When our lives are stable & calm like the transition tide, of course, accepting that time & enjoying that period is what we should do, but the highs & lows of our lives are there for a reason, too.  Just as there is seasons in nature, there are seasons in our lives, too. 

It seems to me now that wisdom is learning that being in the moment & living our lives with some kind of grace means embracing the high tides, low tides & the interim changes in our lives without fear.  We take solace where we can.  Family, friends & faith can give us comfort, but it is nature that gives us the lesson to live in harmony with our lives.  We are all on a private journey to hone our spirits & souls to become what we are meant to be in this life.  If we can simply allow life to change us as it will, having faith that we are being led where we need to go, being taught the lessons we need to learn, then we will be in balance with the continuity of change.  Remembering that high tides can give us fear or strength depending on how we gracefully accept change and that low tides can make us feel exposed or beautifully revealed can help through life changes.  Don’t get me wrong, the interim tides in my life are beautifully serene, calm & peaceful and I embrace those times to rest & renew.  Tides change.  Always. 

Ocean tides literally change with two low tides & two high tides each day.  Every six hours the tide changes.  Some days seem to be like that for me.  I am buffeted around & exhausted by my emotions or health.  I feel like the tide is too strong & I am going under or that the tide is too low to hold me up & that I am too vulnerable & exposed.   In reality though, the tides change in a continual pattern & even if I am unable to perceive the coming change in that moment, change is coming. Sometimes high tides are so high that the low tides can barely show themselves and sometimes the minus low tides are so extreme that the high tides don’t seem to appear, but the cycles of the moon change & so will the ebb & flow of the tides.   It is a given just as the sun rises & sets every single day.

This is one of the reasons why I love the ocean & why I feel connected to the tides.  I now perceive the ebb & flow in my life.  Each & every day I check the tide chart to find out when low & high tides will occur.  If there was a tide chart to check for the ebb & flow in my life, would I want it?  No, I don’t think so.  I used to live my life around the low tides because they revealed sea shells, tide pools and I felt the waves were safer to venture into the ocean.  As I age, I revel in the crashing & powerful huge waves breaking against the shore.  I know that I won’t go out into the huge waves, but I enjoy the beauty of them and have respect for the high tide cycle.  I hope that I am better accepting all the tides of my life, that I see the purpose & beauty of each tide change, because without the continuity of change in our lives we are not growing and becoming the spirit & soul that we are meant to be.  Right now in my life, in this moment, I am aware that I am living with the “flow” of my life.  I have an awareness that I am where I am supposed to be & doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.  Whether this is faith or simply living in harmony with the continuity of change I don’t know but I am grateful for this time in my life living as an artist by-the-sea.

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