ART JOURNAL 2014 – FINAL WEEK OF APRIL – Santa Ana Winds, Art Exhibition, Cactus & Peony Flowers

April 2014 Art Journal - Page 57 WATERMARK

2014 Art Journal Page for the week of April 23 to April 30.  Drove around & photographed cactus & succulents in people’s yards.  Also photographed a beautiful hibiscus tree at the top of a hill, which I enjoy seeing each year.  Two of my paintings are being shown in an art exhibition.  One of these paintings is an egret under the moon eating a midnight snack of a frog & the other painting is a crab with lotus pods.  Weather this week in San Diego was 90 degrees, even on the coast due to a Santa Ana wind condition.  My poor black feral cat was gray from all the dust blowing around.  My cousin sent me sea glass, which I put in a special jar.  Painted peony flowers this week & made a chicken card for a fellow artist.  Another week flies by!

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