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Goldfinch Etegami 5-2014 WATERMARK

The Goldfinch is a bird painted frequently in my Japanese brush painting class.  I like these happy yellow birds with their little black “caps”.  I painted this Japanese Etegami postcard a month ago.

Recently I read The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, a novel for which she won the Pulitzer prize.  Ms. Tartt’s novel is written around a 350 year old Dutch painting of a Goldfinch tethered by a chain.  The theme of art being our salvation, our burden & our ruin runs through the main characters life. story.  One of the quotes in the book is:  “We have art in order not to die from the truth.”  – Nietzsche  This novel was well worth the time to read & now when I see or paint Goldfinch birds, this novel will come to mind.  It is a haunting novel.  A bit too much of the truth about life, but at the same time comforting to know the truth.  The bottom line for me is that without my art, I am nothing.