Tiny seal mermaid with seaweed wreath 5-25-2014 WATERMARK

Always watching, watching the seals.  Waiting for the seals to do something I haven’t seen before & if I’m lucky, to get the moment on film.  Today the water was crystal clear.  The eel grass shimmered like emerald green shredded silk.  The feather boa kelp swirled & danced in the tide with colors of burgundy reds with tones of purples.  & there was this harbor seal sound asleep in the water.  Rocked by the undulating waves & tide and wearing a wreath of feather boa kelp like a queen of the sea & mermaid of the tides.   Beautiful harbor seal rightfully adorned by the sea.

The harbor seal wakes a bit.  The tide is changing.  Spinning around gracefully in pirouettes in a seaweed water ballet, she wraps the feather boa kelp a bit more securely, takes a breath & submerges back into sleep. 

Seaweed dreams for a harbor seal rocked to sleep in a sea lullaby.

Feather boa seaweed seal scarf 5-25-2014 - 5 WATERMARKNote:  I am aware that otters wrap themselves in seaweed to sleep safely as the seaweed is an anchor, which holds them from floating away.  I did not know that harbor seals do this, too!  I was amazed, delighted and over joyed to have these magical moments with this harbor seal, but then everyday is joyous as an artist by-the-sea.


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