Daily Archives: June 10, 2014


Watching baby Harbor seal pups swim is one of my favorite things to do.  A perfect place to see pups swim is a crystal-clear pool nicknamed “Champagne Pool” by the locals due to the frothy sea wave bubbles in the shallow water!  It’s the perfect place for a Harbor seal mom to doze while her pup safely plays & swims.  I’m standing on a seawall above the pool & looking down on them from only a few feet away.  A bird’s eye view of the seals in the breathtakingly beautiful sea.  I always feel so lucky & blessed here.  It’s my “Happy Place”.  

On rare occasions I can spot an Orange Garibaldi fish among the undulating eel grass.  Today I see Garibaldi fish darting out from under the eel grass & then quickly darting back.  I try to get a good photo of one of the fish.  

Pup chasing out Garibaldi Fish 3-8-2014 WATERMARK

I’m thinking that t’s a bit unusual to see the Garibaldi fish swimming out into the open pool in the middle of the day.  I go back to delightful watching of the baby Harbor seal pup swimming under the tide pool rocks.  Suddenly a Garibaldi fish darts out and so does the pup.  I can’t help myself & I laugh.  The baby Harbor seal pup is playing with the Garibaldi fish!  

Pup in Shade & Sun Pool 3-8-2014 WATERMARK

These little seals steal my heart over & over.  Who knew that baby Harbor seals have Garibaldi fish as their toys?  Everyday I learn something new in my “Happy Place”.  I’m so lucky.

Garibaldi Fish 5-2014 WATERMARKGARIBALDI FISH – Japanese brush painting on Chinese calligraphy practice paper.  

The Garibaldi fish is California’s state fish.  They are endangered fish & are protected from any fishing or harm.  These 2 photos show how I usually see the Garibaldi fish at Goldfish Point.  I’m standing on a platform about 2 stories above the ocean and looking down can see lots of Garibaldi fish.  The cormorants swimming nearby kind of give you an idea of the large size of these wonderful fish.