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Trio Accordion Paper Punch Books 6-2014 - 3 WATERMARK

Recently I learned how to make this origami – accordion fold book binding.  The neat thing about this book binding technique is that the pages are held in the book only by the origami fold!  There is no stitching involved whatsoever. 

I took this free class at the La Jolla Library.  The teacher was from San Diego Book Arts and Bhavna is a very talented artist and a wonderful teacher.  She teaches other classes in the San Diego Library system and I really recommend going to all of her classes.  Some of her classes are for kids and I love knowing that book arts is dedicated to teaching the younger generation the wonderful art of making handmade books.  Here is Bhavna’s website so you can find her current classes and view her art.


I made 3 little books with a Spring-like theme.  I also made a paper “belly band” to hold the books together.

This is what the fold looks like in progress.  On the bottom left is the finished fold.  Once the fold is finished, you just lift the triangle flaps up and insert the book pages.  The fold I learned created a 4” high book, but the length of the pages could be any length you chose to make either a square book or a rectangle-shaped book. 

You can make this book without a cover and it will open to a star shape.  If you put a cover on the book, then the first and last book pages will not be able to be removed, but all other pages can still be removed.  You can find instructions for this book folding technique posted on You Tube by Carolynne1982.  


Accordion Trio Flower Books 6-2014 - 21 WATERMARK

Here’s one of my books with a collage page inserted.  Bhavna had us make all of our pages at once using acrylic inks painted randomly on the pages.  When I got home, I felt like my pages had movement and the happy colors inspired me to use punched paper flowers and birds on the pages.  I like the spring-like theme.