June 2014 Art Journal - Page 80 WATERMARK


It’s Summer in San Diego.  Time to try to find a “solitary” moment at the beach is rare, but still the beach is the beach and the ocean calls to me even when there are crowds & crowds of people there.  I spend time away from the people as far as possible.  Today I am seeing if I can find a heart-shaped stone.  I find stones with holes in them.  Hmmm.  A few rare pieces of driftwood show up, too and some really nice shell fragments, which have been broken by the cobblestones as the waves turn the stones over and over, the cobblestones make a pleasant sound, which soothes me. 

Treasures from PB Beach 6-18-2014 WATERMARK

I am surrounded by gulls on the beach and suddenly I notice a large shape on the beach with sea gulls obviously eating it.  It’s very large.  I walk over desperately hoping it’s not a seal, but it turns out to be the biggest fish on the beach I’ve ever seen.  The gulls have had a breakfast party of fish this morning!

A little while later two guys show up with a large cooler & take the fish away.  They tell me that the fish is  a Giant Black Sea Bass, which they are taking to Southwest Fisheries Science Center.  I guess the lifeguards must have called them.  It’s interesting to know that they came out to get the fish, but the sea gulls just lost the rest of their meal this morning.

I go back to searching for stones, looking at the colors and thinking about color palettes by-the-sea.  Look for the photo with a sea shell fragment with cobalt and turqoise colors.  It’s quite beautiful.  A lucky talisman from the sea for me.  Doesn’t it look gorgeous next to the dried kelp?

Walking at the edge of the sea always calms me & brings me great peace.  It is my sanctuary in life, my get-away, my panacea for the world’s troubles.  Nature is what I return to in my life again and again and again.  I’m so lucky to be able to breathe in the sea air, search the shore, look off at the horizon & walk by-the-sea.

I go home & carefully put my stones and shell fragments in a papier mache’ bowl, which I made in 1993.  My life has always had the theme of the sea running concurrently with my life as an artist by-the-sea. It is who I am.  It is in my blood, heart & soul.  The sea. 

Papier Mache Sea Bowl 1993 - 2 WATERMARK Papier Mache Sea Bowl 1993 WATERMARK Papier Mache Sea Bowl 1993 - 1 WATERMARK

2014 An Artist’s Life By-the-Sea Art Journal – 3rd week of June.

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