LA JOLLA FARMER’S MARKET provides me with plenty of art inspiration.  The snake-like Armenian cucumbers are just calling out to me to be sketched & put into a watercolor painting.  The website for the Farmer’s Market is interesting because it has a chart, which shows what produce you can purchase in each month.

108 WATERMARKThe purchase of just one or two of these twisty cucumbers can keep my paintbrush & pen busy for quite awhile!


I don’t choose my cucumbers to eat, but rather for the interesting shapes, which I want to paint!  The market vendors make jokes to me about how they are going to charge me $1 to take a picture.  Sometimes I think they might think I’m a bit strange!  Why can’t I just be a normal customer and buy their produce & take it home & eat it?  They aren’t interested a bit in knowing that I’m doing watercolors of these beauties!



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