I can’t remember where I heard this wonderful parable, but I loved it enough to make it it the focus in my daily art journal on August 2, 2011.  

August 2, 2011 WATERMARKWhat I love about this parable is that we all have our fatal flaws, our imperfections that annoy ourselves and probably annoy others, too.  If we take our character flaws & make them our trademark, we will learn to love ourselves just the way we are.  This can actually change the imperfections in ourselves to being accepted as a “quirky” person & make us lovable to others, too.  I believe part of this process of accepting ourselves just the way we are is learning the ability to laugh at our flaws (while still striving to become a better person).  Criticism from others about our flaws then just rolls off our back (hearts) because, guess what, we have learned to love ourselves.  Flaws & all.  I need to remember to “water my art” with my imperfections!


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