August 18, 2011 WATERMARK

Daily Art Journal for 2011

One summer day in August 2011, my friend Harumi came to make cards with me.  I was inspired by an article I found about vintage Russian ballet costumes & this was the starting point for a day of creating magical cards!  Harumi & I had fun.

Magical Kitty Card - 2 WATERMARK

All it took was some print outs of the Russian ballet dresses, my cat & bird rubber stamps, a few butterflies, some cardstock, some handmade paper & a glue stick!

As the afternoon hours passed, more & more fun ideas starting to arrive!  

One of the cards was a bit over the top & obviously couldn’t be mailed in an envelope! 

Owl Card - 1 8-2011 WATERMARK

Then my owl rubber stamps were pulled out, more handmade paper & a few silk leaves with ribbons.  Even a bit of moss seemed to work!

One of my favorite cards was hanging the Russian ballet dresses on a clothesline with a cat watching them flying in the wind!  

These clothesline cards were so much fun to make.  My fingers couldn’t move fast enough to hang the dresses on the cards!  Even the butterflies joined in.

Don’t forget to decorate the back of your card & envelopes, too!  I ended up added a label to the back of the card explaining about the Russian ballet dresses.     What a fun day with a friend!

Magical Kitty Card - 9 WATERMARK Magical Kitty Card - 5

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