Seagull mom sheltering chicks 7-28-2014 WATERMARK

Little polka-dotted fluffy sea gull babies hatch everywhere near & around the La Jolla Cove.

Baby gulls hiding for safety 6-14-2014 - 2 WATERMARK

They know to seek shelter under a convenient rock & huddle together while mom is out fishing.

Baby sea gull chicks 6-14-2014 -1

Baby sea gull chicks 6-14-2014 -7 WATERMARK


Sea gull chicks 6-16-2014 - 2 WATERMARK

Mom marches along & the chicks all run after her. Get in line children!

The little polka-dotted fluff ball chicks gladly follow their mom, especially when there might be an opportunity for a meal.

After all what’s more important than hanging around for dinner?

Sea gull chicks 6-16-2014 - 10

Look this little one got a fish!

Sea gull mother love 6-14-2014 WATERMARK

Isn’t it the sweetest thing to see how mom looks at her little chicks?

Mom protecting baby on nest 6-14-2014 WATERMARK

This is the most amazing thing.  Mom even will gather her youngsters into the nest & shade them from the sun & predators with her wings.

Mom protection baby 6-14-2014 WATERMARK

My very favorite thing though at this young just-from-the-egg age, is the way the tiny chicks run & flap their wings.  They are just so joyful & it appears they just can’t wait to fly.  The chicks move so quickly sometimes, my camera just can’t seem to get the perfect shot, but maybe that’s because I’m laughing.

It’s like a little dance group & the music is provided by the chicks “Peep, peep, peep, peep” bird song.

Baby sea gull chicks 6-14-2014 -10 WATERMARK

I know it’s only going to seem like a minute has gone by & they will start getting pin feathers in.  Their flight dance will soon come in handy for the real thing.  Clearly they just can’t wait!

Two chicks with feathers growing in 6-2014

Here they are the flight feathers are starting to appear among the polka-dotted down.  Soon, soon.

Two chicks a bit older 6-2014

I am reminded that change is the only guarantee in life.  I see these little sea gull chicks born & quickly grow.  It is a sacred thing that I get to observe them so closely.  I return again & again knowing that this time is fleeting & I must make time to see them & to savor every single minute of sea gull chick joy.

Nature & Botanical Art Journal 2014

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