LIVING BY-THE-SEA – Daily art journal 2014 – 2nd week of August

August 2014 Art Journal - Page 101 WATERMARK


DAILY ART JOURNAL 2014 – The focus for me in the 2nd week of August was preparation for the California Coastal Commission meeting & protection for the Harbor seals during pupping season.  A unanimous vote gave these little guys a huge victory!  Years & years of work went into getting this protection.  Spending lots of time at the beach observing the return of the giant male sea lions taking back their territory from humans.  Watching a snowy egret getting breakfast from the sea weed wrack on the beach, his feathers gently lifting on the breeze.  Picking up my talisman bird feathers as if the magic of the birds can enter my life, too.  Making little paper tags in a theme of by-the-sea to use in future collage projects.  Such a satisfying life as an artist by-the-sea!


By the Sea Tags - 7-2014- 1

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