Diana Wong - painting orchids 9-2014

DIANA WONG, a masterful Chinese brush painting artist, recently taught a workshop on orchids.  It is so wonderful to have such a talented teacher to guide & inspire me to be a better artist.   Diana grows her own orchids and brought some of her beautiful plants, which she used to illustrate her lecture about how orchids grow so that we would be able to paint them better.  I thought it was delightful how Diana demonstrated by turning herself to show us how orchid flowers turn their faces in different directions. Diana also pointed out that the very center of orchid flower looks like an angel!  She really brought these flowers to life for us before she even sat down and demonstrated how to paint them.  Diana Wong’s beautiful paintings contain the same vibrant energy that she brings as a teacher to her students..  I feel lucky every time I have the opportunity to take one of her classes.  Here’s a photo of one of the orchids Diana brought with her.

Diana Wong teaching orchids 9-2014 - 6

I am sharing about Diana Wong’s orchid class on my website with her permission.  Here is one of Diana’s websites so you can learn more about her and view her art.


Diana Wong’s brush strokes are so fluid and beautiful.  Her demonstration of the steps to create one orchid flower was exquisitely perfect. 

I am always captivated by seeing artist’s notes on how they paint.  Diana Wong’s notes on testing out different purple colors she was thinking of using for orchid flowers were a piece of art in itself.  

I always take notes in the art classes I attend.  I have more than a dozen notebooks filled with brush painting directions that I have compiled over more than a decade.  Perhaps one day I will publish my notes.  The notes I take are very spontaneous and include drawings because I am a visual person.  Here’s a photo of the notes that I took in Diana Wong’s orchid flower class.  

Orchid brush painting notes 9-2014 WATERMARK


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