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Whale Watching in San Diego – I carry this beauty in my heart.

Every year on my birthday I go out on a whale watching boat.  This year my trip was delayed by one day, but I had no regrets because everyday out to sea is a joy for me.  We saw a pod of 20 Pacific White-Sided dolphins, a pod of 400 common dolphins (with lots of sea lions swimming right along with them), & a humpback whale, which showed us his tail 3 times.  i thought the tail looked like a beautiful butterfly!  The water in the Mission Bay marina was like a mirror for all the boats, the bait dock was filled with pelicans, egrets, cormorants & sea lions.  Life as an artist by-the-sea doesn’t get any better than this.  I wept with joy.  I carry this beauty in my heart.  

The company I go out with is really great as they offer boat trips all year long.  The staff is fabulous and they post a report with photos every day of what they’ve seen on their trips.  I showed up in the photo on the boat watching the humpback whale!  I’m the woman on the right in the turquoise jacket & hat.  I was standing on the bow of the boat.


October  2014 Art Journal Page 116 WATERMARK

DAILY ART JOURNAL 2014 -End of September & Beginning of October – San Diego Autumn brings longer nights with the sun setting at 7:00 p.m.  Daylight savings time must be right around the corner.  Tonight the pumpkin sunset was marvelous.  The harbor seals were joined by a snowy egret.  Lobster fisherman are in full swing & as usual the pelicans are hitching rides while hoping for a handout.   A tiny green insect found a place to sit on a geranium flower.  I’m painting fairy tale fantasy birds & cutting out paper hearts for a card project.  Japanese doll cookies are so funny as the biscuits inside are plain & the doll image is only on the cellophane wrapper.  Still I love them.


JAPANESE KOKESHI DOLLS – When I was a little girl, I remember having some tiny Kokeshi dolls, which I really liked.  Recently I saw some photos of Kokeshi dolls & I thought it would be fun to paint my own!   These dolls are about 3″ high & they fit perfectly into a vintage silk box that I had.  I think these little dolls could bring a smile to almost anyone’s face!