October  2014 Art Journal Page 120 WATERMARK


MID – OCTOBER 2014 ART JOURNAL PAGE – Nature drives me, inspires me & brings me a great feeling of hope in the world.  

I attended both nights of the annual San Diego Undersea Exhibition. There are certain things I do to “be good to myself” & this is one of my favorites.  Two nights of thirty 5-minute undersea films from around the world enthrall me with their stunning beauty. The message is clear – protect what we love or it will be gone.  A few of my favorite films were:  Darwin’s Dream by Dustin Adamson (Galapagos Islands – undersea film footage of Cormorants diving and lizards diving & eating underwater), Tribute to the Ocean by Martin Colognoli, My Sanctuary by Lee Burghard, Skomer by Simon Spear (filmed in Wales, gorgeous bluffs, Puffin birds and undersea life) and finally Night of the Squid by Howard Hall (amazing footage of squid mating & laying eggs right here in San Diego).  If you search for these videos, many of them are on You Tube or Vimeo.  I will embellish this year’s art journal with my ticket stubs, which have dolphins & mantas on them!

Hercules, a giant male sea lion, showed up with a huge fishing hook stuck in his mouth. His nose & flipper were ripped, too.  Hercules is a fighter.  After several rescue attempts SeaWorld rescue staff showed up with 8 people & lifted the 500 pound male sea lion up the stairs, removed the fishing lure & released him far away from where they found him.  A week later Hercules was back taking a nap on the bluffs with the rest of the sea lion family.  So heartwarming.  

Watching the harbor seals & a lovely juvenile elephant seal showed up for a visit.  The 8-month old female “baby” weights more than 200 pounds & the tiny harbor seal pups won’t play with her & she’s so disappointed!  A young Cormorant bird was fishing just off shore today diving over & over & a silly Western sea gull was walking around carrying a sea shell.  I stay & stay.  The sun sets in an orange blaze of light & the full moon accompanies me on my way home.  I am blessed.

Hercules, the male sea lion who was rescued & is now living a life of peace & hope.  Thanks to Roxy for allowing me to use her photos.


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